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Prof. (Neal) Tai-Shung Chung
Professor, Dept of  Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering,
National University of Singapore, Singapore



Prof. Chung received his PhD from State U of NY at Buffalo (USA). He had worked for US industries for 15 years before joining NUS in 1995. He has produced 48 PhD students, published 1 book, 18 book chapters, 70 patents and patent applications, 533 journal papers and 350 conference papers. He is a Subject Editor of CHERD (Chem Eng Research and Design) and editorial board members of 20 journals including J. Membrane Science, AIChE J., I & EC Research, Desalination, Separation and Purification Reviews, Chemical Engineering J., Chemical Engineering and Technology, Polymer Engineering and Science, J., Applied Polymer Science, and many others.Prof. Chung research focuses on membranes for clean water, clean energy, and CO2 capture. Novel membranes for purification of natural gas and hydrogen, and CO2 capture have been developed. Breakthroughs on high performance forward osmosis, membrane distillation and aquaporin embedded biomimetic membranes for clean water have been demonstrated. In 2005-2008, he worked as a Senior Consultant for Hyflux, led and built its membrane research team.
He was a co-inventor of Hyflux Kristal™ 600 ultrafiltration membranes which commercialized worldwide. He received two IChemE “Highly Recommended” Awards in Energy and Water in 2009, and IES (Institution of Engineers, Singapore) Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award, and Hyflux‐SNIC (Singapore National Institute of Chemistry) Award in Environmental Chemistry, and IChemE in Singapore Awards in Sustainability in 2010. He was appointed as Provost’s Chair and received Research Leadership Award at NUS in 2011. He became a Fellow in the Academy of Engineering Singapore in 2012.